Rise of the x86 Mainframe - Live at vBrownbag VMworld 2012

So sadly it's the end of another VMworld and it's goodbye Barcelona. I got to meet some great people both old and new.

During my time there I also managed to squeeze in a quick ten minute session with the cool guys at vBrownbag. 

Here's the recording, I hope you enjoy it:

Watch live streaming video from vmwarecommunitytv at livestream.com

VCE Demos The x86 Mainframe at VMworld 2012

One of the best things about VMworld in addition to meeting all the great folks and seeing the new tech, is undoubtedly the hands on lab sessions. I've already spent some time here at Barcelona going through the VMware hands on labs (excellent as always) and particularly enjoyed the Site Recovery Manager with vCloud workaround. 

As good as they are though I couldn't help but get "uber" excited over the incredibly cool demos that were being set up by my colleagues at VCE. 

Without giving away too much here's a quick summary of what you can expect at the VCE booth P205 at the Solutions Exchange:

Demo Pod 1: Mission Critical Business Continuity (Demo w/EMC and Cisco)  
- Here we’ll be demonstrating how the Vblock integrates with VPLEX using Cisco’s OTV technology
- There will be a demonstration of zero-disruption business continuity with VPLEX as well as a showcase of how to attain a comprehensive backup, disaster avoidance and recovery strategy

Demo Pod 2: VDI/Desktop Virtualization
- Those who are considering VDI should check out VCE's FastPath demo. - This is VDI Automation for those that want rapid virtual desktop deployment without the associated risk
- There will also be a demonstration on Mobile Secure Desktop as well as our AlwaysOn Point of Care solution for mission critical desktops.

Demo Pod 3: Vblock Management and Orchestration

- With Vblock you instantly get the infrastructure but to take it further up the stack we are demonstrating how we integrate with the M&O solutions. We’ll be demonstrating how Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud, VMware Cloud Director, Vmware vCenter Orchestrator and Vmware vCenter Operations can integrate with the Vblock to provide end users that Public Cloud experience.

Demo Pod 4: Vblock Data Protection 
- So you've got a Vblock or thinking of getting one? Well how do you back it up seamlessly and still get that unique single support model?  In this demo we'll be looking at how Avamar and DataDomain integrate with the Vblock to provide system & software backup optimized for VMware. We'll be showcasing deduplication & replication of structured data as well as a business continuity & workload mobility solution. 

So if you're at VMworld get to booth P205, you'll be able to touch, feel and see a Vblock as well as see some of its amazing capabilities. 
The future's converged.

vCloud Suite & the Vblock - Improving Cloud with an Integrated Infrastructure

Just been informed that my recent interview and podcast with the Enterprise Management 360 magazine has been cleared safe for public listening - (-;

In the podcast we cover hot topics such as: 
- The Cloud and the confusion surrounding it
- Converged Infrastructure 
- Vendor Collaborations
- The future trends of IT infrastructures
- Management and Orchestration 
 and of course all things Vblock!

The session is free to listen to and just requires registration on the EM360 site which you can do via this link:

Look forward to hearing people's feedback