Voting for the Top Virtualisation Blog of the Year - 2014

Incredibly it's that time of year again when voting commences for the Top Virtualization blog of the year and I've just been pinged a note that The SANMAN blog has been nominated again for voting! Last year's nomination was also a nice surprise as the blog ended up being a New Entry in the charts at 172 - sure it's not a One Direction hit single that went straight to number one but 172 is still a chart number Kajagoogoo would have been proud of (-;

Whether you decide to vote for The SANMAN or not it's still worth having a look at the other nominees and casting your vote for them as there are some great resources across the tech spectrum, including some faves of mine such as the Wikibon blog, TechHead and StorageIO.

So while I don't hold any hopes of breaking the Top 100, I did want to take the opportunity to thank all of the readers that visit this site and find it worthwhile. It's been another really busy year at VCE and trying to find time to write meaningful, insightful and useful articles can be a struggle. Despite this there's no greater motivation than knowing that people from across the world take time out to read my posts.

Thanks for your support and happy voting!