VCE : We Save U Money - ViB

Well we were warned that "Le Vblock" was only part one and was to be continued...and sure enough here is the sequel and concluding part to the CIO story. Of course the ViB were courteous enough to send me the lyrics:

Yeah VCE, Vblock...Saving U Money
Go Tweet, Go Blog!

We got 1000 strong, Vblocks are Kong -- King of the infrastructure, perfect little architecture, sexy black box, where an application rocks, &#$%, ^#$%@ can ya -- virtualise &^#$? ignore their #$%@, you can save a bundle, from their licenses, enticing this, exciting this, would you like some tips, on how we optimise, well we standardise, on a single product, that's called the Vblock, We got 100s, 200s, 320s, 720's, any workload baby, from SMB to the enterprise, we got 'em mesmerized, with our saving size, lower OPEX costs, firefighting stops -- you know what... yeah - we're really hot.

We Save U Money

Verse 2, Now here's what we do, 4 our customers, and why they loving us, it's a single support, a single throat 2 choke, resolutions done before u even know, we take away the patches, take away the pain, take away the risk and let you breathe again, with a single matrix, a pretested fix, done inside our labs, so u upgrade fast,

Customers say " we're saving money" -- Cuz there's no more P1s, and there's no more reasons, to be petrified , at firmware time, because we've verified all the things inside, now concentrate, on applications, and gravitate 2 biz solutions, infrastructure's boring, now u can ignore it, while u might own it, VCE's honed it

We Save U Money

Press: "Is a Reference architecture like VCE?" -- er no
Analyst: "Is a @#$#^& company like VCE?" -- er no

There's nothing #$%@, when u market manure, if u wanna know for sure, then open up your doors, cuz the VCE crew will tell u what we do, we 'll deliver in days, what others only claim, production ready systems, pumping like pistons, VMs, Apps, Clouds u list em, everything u need with accelerated speed, with a service portfolio that'll make u dream, enabling your business, u can't resist this, accelerating projects, de-risked quickness, plug in datacenter, IT innovator, SLAs on, incidents gone, now your IT's hot, with all the savings u got....

So how does a 60% OPEX saving sound to you?
Yeah that's what I thought....

We Save U Money

Le Vblock : ViB - The Movie

So this link to the below video was waiting in my inbox this morning with the following lyrics and a note that this was Part 1.

Welcome to the ViB:

It's time for Change....

Are you ready to get your's 30 days baby and it's on - it's VCE (x2)

Have you heard about the C.I. craze?
Transformation that will amaze
OPEX savings that's second to none
CIOs we can show you how it's done

Infrastructure that's rolled out in days
As a product that simplifies the ways
IT delivers to your business
Private Cloud? We can get you to this!

Ahhhhh VBlock - it's VCE- VBlock

All that pressure got you down
Trouble tickets spinning u round and round
Late night calls when patches don't go right
Finger pointing with no end in sight

With VCE it's a single number to call
A single product that's preinstalled,
Pre-integrated, pre-tested and what's more
A single matrix to upgrade it all

Ahhhhh VBlock- it's VCE- VBlock

Now feel the emergence of convergence

Now shake your body right down to your datacenter

All that pressure that made you cry
Is now replaced with an ROI
That can't be beat with an "always on" design
Technology that makes your business thrive

Accelerated & standardized
Consolidated & optimised
New Applications rolled out on time
A De-risked DC that's virtualised

Ahhhhh VBlock - it's VCE- VBlock

Shake it for me, shake it for me a reference architecture never did it 4 me

Gotta plug in 2 your core of your network baby & power it up now someone help me

Now shake your body right down to your datacenter

New Subliminal Message from the ViB

A cryptic email with the number 425-3355-89109 and a link to the short video below. Who are the ViB? With a voice like that I'm not arguing....


Will the ViB be at EMC World?

With EMC World 2013 now upon us and with myself unfortunately unable to go, I found it strange that I received yet another mysterious email from the ViB, this time the picture posted above. Is there a coincidence that this is coinciding with EMC World?  I'm not sure but I do know that if you are at EMC World make sure you get the the chance to visit VCE's Booth #425.

VCE have the following planned for your technical, intellectual and business-minded delight:
- VCE Booth #425 features product demos and over 40 in-booth theater presentations, with a prominent exhibit floor location.
- The VCE booth will feature live Vblock™ Systems, representing three product lines:
    • Vblock System 300
    • Vblock System 100
    • Vblock System 200
- Live Vblock Systems will also be present in investor company spaces:
    • Cisco Booth # 401
      • Vblock System 300
    • EMC Booth
      • Vblock System 300 in USD Booth
    • VMWare Booth # 201
      • Vblock System 100
- VCE maintains a presence within EMC program running at this event:
    • SE Conference
      • Attended by 3000+ EMC and Partner SE’s
    • Global Partner Summit
      • 3,000 partners – with high % of channel partners)
      • D. Martin, VCE VP of Global Channels, will present during the keynote
    • CIO Connect
      • This executive event hosts 75 Mid-Market CIO’s
      • Frank Hauck, VCE CEO, will serve as a panel member
- A formal meeting program on-site at the Venetian will facilitate customer and partner meetings with VCE leadership. Account managers will submit meeting requests.
Program availability:
    • Monday, May 6 from 12 - 5 pm
    • Tuesday, May 7 from 8 am – 5 pm
    • Wednesday, May 8 from 8 am – 5 pm
- VCE Booth #425 includes an In-Booth Theater.  VCE will host 15-minute theater presentations 2 times per hour, including:
    • VCE corporate overview
    • Customer presentations
    • Partner presentations
    • Six in-theater VCE presentations:
      • Workload Mobility Automation, a 3-way joint demo with Cisco, EMC and VCE
      • Desktop Virtualization (VDI), showcasing VMware Horizon, the next generation of VMware View
      • VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations, which will feature VMware vCenter Operations as well
      • Data Protection and EMC RecoverPoint, presented by John Comeau, VMware SRM
      • SAP on Vblock Systems
      • IT Transformation
      • TCO Tool – Joint TCO Tool with EMC
      • Training
      • Services, including professional services and customer support
- VCE Breakout Session presentations:
      • Going Live with SAP on 100% Virtual Infrastructure – A Case Study of EMC’s SAP Deployment on VCE Vblock Systems, presented by Mike LaFauci
      • EMC Backup: Avamar and Data Domain – Backup and Recovery in VCE Converged Infrastructure
      • EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager – Ease the Transition to a Cloud Infrastructure on VCE Vblock Systems
      • EMC VNX Family – Leveraging Vblock Systems for Converged Infrastructure

So that leaves just one question.....who are the ViB and will they be at EMC World? 
Keep a look out out for neuralisers.