VCE : We Save U Money - ViB

Well we were warned that "Le Vblock" was only part one and was to be continued...and sure enough here is the sequel and concluding part to the CIO story. Of course the ViB were courteous enough to send me the lyrics:

Yeah VCE, Vblock...Saving U Money
Go Tweet, Go Blog!

We got 1000 strong, Vblocks are Kong -- King of the infrastructure, perfect little architecture, sexy black box, where an application rocks, &#$%, ^#$%@ can ya -- virtualise &^#$? ignore their #$%@, you can save a bundle, from their licenses, enticing this, exciting this, would you like some tips, on how we optimise, well we standardise, on a single product, that's called the Vblock, We got 100s, 200s, 320s, 720's, any workload baby, from SMB to the enterprise, we got 'em mesmerized, with our saving size, lower OPEX costs, firefighting stops -- you know what... yeah - we're really hot.

We Save U Money

Verse 2, Now here's what we do, 4 our customers, and why they loving us, it's a single support, a single throat 2 choke, resolutions done before u even know, we take away the patches, take away the pain, take away the risk and let you breathe again, with a single matrix, a pretested fix, done inside our labs, so u upgrade fast,

Customers say " we're saving money" -- Cuz there's no more P1s, and there's no more reasons, to be petrified , at firmware time, because we've verified all the things inside, now concentrate, on applications, and gravitate 2 biz solutions, infrastructure's boring, now u can ignore it, while u might own it, VCE's honed it

We Save U Money

Press: "Is a Reference architecture like VCE?" -- er no
Analyst: "Is a @#$#^& company like VCE?" -- er no

There's nothing #$%@, when u market manure, if u wanna know for sure, then open up your doors, cuz the VCE crew will tell u what we do, we 'll deliver in days, what others only claim, production ready systems, pumping like pistons, VMs, Apps, Clouds u list em, everything u need with accelerated speed, with a service portfolio that'll make u dream, enabling your business, u can't resist this, accelerating projects, de-risked quickness, plug in datacenter, IT innovator, SLAs on, incidents gone, now your IT's hot, with all the savings u got....

So how does a 60% OPEX saving sound to you?
Yeah that's what I thought....

We Save U Money