Will the ViB be at EMC World?

With EMC World 2013 now upon us and with myself unfortunately unable to go, I found it strange that I received yet another mysterious email from the ViB, this time the picture posted above. Is there a coincidence that this is coinciding with EMC World?  I'm not sure but I do know that if you are at EMC World make sure you get the the chance to visit VCE's Booth #425.

VCE have the following planned for your technical, intellectual and business-minded delight:
- VCE Booth #425 features product demos and over 40 in-booth theater presentations, with a prominent exhibit floor location.
- The VCE booth will feature live Vblock™ Systems, representing three product lines:
    • Vblock System 300
    • Vblock System 100
    • Vblock System 200
- Live Vblock Systems will also be present in investor company spaces:
    • Cisco Booth # 401
      • Vblock System 300
    • EMC Booth
      • Vblock System 300 in USD Booth
    • VMWare Booth # 201
      • Vblock System 100
- VCE maintains a presence within EMC program running at this event:
    • SE Conference
      • Attended by 3000+ EMC and Partner SE’s
    • Global Partner Summit
      • 3,000 partners – with high % of channel partners)
      • D. Martin, VCE VP of Global Channels, will present during the keynote
    • CIO Connect
      • This executive event hosts 75 Mid-Market CIO’s
      • Frank Hauck, VCE CEO, will serve as a panel member
- A formal meeting program on-site at the Venetian will facilitate customer and partner meetings with VCE leadership. Account managers will submit meeting requests.
Program availability:
    • Monday, May 6 from 12 - 5 pm
    • Tuesday, May 7 from 8 am – 5 pm
    • Wednesday, May 8 from 8 am – 5 pm
- VCE Booth #425 includes an In-Booth Theater.  VCE will host 15-minute theater presentations 2 times per hour, including:
    • VCE corporate overview
    • Customer presentations
    • Partner presentations
    • Six in-theater VCE presentations:
      • Workload Mobility Automation, a 3-way joint demo with Cisco, EMC and VCE
      • Desktop Virtualization (VDI), showcasing VMware Horizon, the next generation of VMware View
      • VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations, which will feature VMware vCenter Operations as well
      • Data Protection and EMC RecoverPoint, presented by John Comeau, VMware SRM
      • SAP on Vblock Systems
      • IT Transformation
      • TCO Tool – Joint TCO Tool with EMC
      • Training
      • Services, including professional services and customer support
- VCE Breakout Session presentations:
      • Going Live with SAP on 100% Virtual Infrastructure – A Case Study of EMC’s SAP Deployment on VCE Vblock Systems, presented by Mike LaFauci
      • EMC Backup: Avamar and Data Domain – Backup and Recovery in VCE Converged Infrastructure
      • EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager – Ease the Transition to a Cloud Infrastructure on VCE Vblock Systems
      • EMC VNX Family – Leveraging Vblock Systems for Converged Infrastructure

So that leaves just one question.....who are the ViB and will they be at EMC World? 
Keep a look out out for neuralisers.