'Surrogates' - A Glimpse of the Future of Storage

Having just seen Bruce Willis’ new futuristic Sci-Fi blockbuster ‘Surrogates’, one always likes to witness how Hollywood presents the future of storage. Ever since watching ‘Enemy of the State’ where gadgets such as flash drives, GPS etc. were being showcased prior to them being accessible to the mass market consumer, it’s always been an intriguing experience to see what future technology may pop up while eating your popcorn.

Indeed ‘Data is exponential’ is one of those truisms that haunt a Storage Manager and leave them to ponder on what developments will occur to somehow manage the unstoppable growth of data being collected from PC users to corporate companies. Hence it was interesting to see that the future envisioned in ‘Surrogates’ has hard drives of data stored within the user themselves i.e. the human minds.

Interestingly enough for data to be transferred you still need a USB stick, (not much advancement there then). Furthermore the problem of archiving is still not solved as even after the host’s death the data can still be restored and accessed. So still no answer to the data dilemma but in the meantime here’s the trailer: