Making SAN Cheaper than NAS

Are you making the most of your FC SAN?

There is a common myth that FC SAN is expensive, difficult to manage and troubleshoot. Coupled with this there are heavily marketed agendas to move customers away from FC SAN to new and allegedly more cost effective solutions.
But what if there was a way to…

• Reduce the amount of physical adapters, FC cables, SAN ports and Storage ports while concurrently improving your application response time, availability and SLAs?

• Simplify server FC I/O provision, enabling a more agile, scalable and dynamic deployment model?

• Gain the insight that on average most FC SAN and Storage ports are greatly underutilized averaging 5-10%, with only a minority of them needing their full bandwidth and therefore enabling you to drive higher levels of resource utilization and performance out of an already deployed solution?

• Know your FC SAN Storage related problems before they occur enabling you to transform your environment from a reactive to proactive one?

• Reduce the time it takes for troubleshooting your FC SAN Storage environment from days to minutes?

• Reduce the OPEX and CAPEX of your existent FC SAN Storage infrastructure such that it’s deemed not only the most reliable and secure but also the most cost effective solution of your environment?

I'm absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to discuss and answer some of these issues with ex-EMC vSpecialist and VM Guru Stephen Spellicy, in an upcoming webinar on the 30th of March. i welcome all to partake in the Q and A session and discussion as both Stephen and I showcase the way for a complete solution to optimize and consolidate your FC connectivity while ensuring the reliability and performance you have come to know and love with Fibre Channel. Find out how to also improve resource utilization, deployment and ongoing management of your FC connectivity while easily accessing and analyzing critical application-to-storage transaction data that allows you to pinpoint latency down to the millisecond.

Registration is free and available here:

In the meantime here's an insight into the exciting new technology that is IOV: