The Rise of the x86 Mainframe

I'm delighted to have been asked by BrightTalk to present a webinar for their upcoming Enterprise Storage Summit. I hope you can join and look forward to your feedback! 

If it wasn’t for the cost and complexity of Mainframes would the industry have ever shifted towards Open Systems? The performance, maintenance and security advantages of Mainframes were never disputed yet the complexity of running them required a unique expertise while the cost could rarely be justified except for high scale data warehousing. But what if it was possible to apply the advantages of the Mainframe model to an x86 infrastructure? What if that cost and complexity could be replaced by simplicity and CAPEX & OPEX reduction? These are the questions that are being asked by businesses across the globe as they look to reassess how they approach their IT with decreasing budgets and increasing demands. The once common debates related to speeds and feeds of different components are now giving way to discussions on how IT can quickly deliver a suitable service to the business. It is this debate that is leading the industry to an inflection point and the consequent rise of the x86 Mainframe. Join Archie Hendryx as he discusses how a new approach to IT infrastructure is needed to solve the incumbent challenges that are being faced within the industry.