Vblock 200: Infrastructure Delivered Fresh to your Doorstep

When you haven’t got time to cook a meal there really is nothing like the convenience of picking up the phone and dialing for a home delivery kebab. You go online choose the meal deal you want and 30 minutes later there’s a ring at your doorbell. So when one of our customers asked if VCE could provide them with a segregated infrastructure to their Vblock 300 for an immediate service roll out the suggested meal deal was obvious, the Vblock 200. Literally delivered to their doorstep in 30 days, the emergency project was successfully rolled out and installed on a standardised infrastructure that was pre-configured and pre-validated with minimal risk. 

Delivered and packaged as a single product, the Vblock 200 is made up of Cisco UCS rack servers and switches and an EMC VNX unified storage system. As well as vSphere 5.1 enterprise plus and software such as PowerPath VE, the Vblock 200 comes with the unique ‘single throat to choke’ VCE Support offering.

As well as extremely tight time constraints, space was also a particular challenge for this customer’s project as this infrastructure was not to be housed at the customer’s usual enterprise datacenter. With only a single door for access to the infrastructure’s proposed location, the usual scenario would have been the rather painful process of having all of the components delivered separately and then built and integrated on site much like an IKEA flat pack wardrobe.

Delivered ready assembled - No allen keys required

Not so with the Vblock 200, as this single rack system while housing critical applications was also able to fit through the front door, leaving only for the power and connections to the core network to be dealt with. 

So next time you haven’t got time to build your own infrastructure for your remote office deployment, why not try ordering a Vblock 200? Not only can it fit through your front door, it’ll be delivered to your door, standardised, pre-integrated, pre-validated, pre-tested, fresh and ready within 30 days.